CR Travel Home Seminars


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Costa Rica Travel Home Seminar
Location: Jaco Costa Rica / Hermosa

CR Travel Home Seminars are a way for those who are interested in relocating to the
Central Pacific of Costa Rica or for those looking for rental and real estate investment opportunities
for vacation and leisure stays.
The seminar is a 3 day informal and in depth seminar and interactive workshop that connects
you to all the information you need to understand everything from geography and desired locations
for visiting or relocation, our guide to real estate opportunities, available properties, builders and sellers,
social climate and social opportunities, Costa Rica laws, everything that the Central Pacific and
surrounding have to offer.
Our video seminar series is included with your seminar ticket and booking and serves as a way for those
who attended the seminar to educate themselves further and to recap and readdress subject matter
content to help you make the smoothest transition to Costa Rica living!


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